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    Please Help!  Audio off on imported .mp4 files (but fine everywhere else).




      I am trying to trouble shoot a problem.  I am a beginner when it comes to the technical end of this so please forgive me if I don’t post the correct information.  Hopefully somebody here can help or point me in the right direction. 


      My problem is this:  I’m using Skype on my (windows 7 ultimate) pc to make group video calls.  I use Skype along with the program Evaer in order to record the video and audio of each person on the call separately.  It records it using the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Codec.  At 1280 X 720 and 30fps.  The video files have the audio in them as well.  However it also records a separate .mp3 with everyones audio at 265 BitRate and 48000 SampleRate.  So after the group call (with 3 people) is finished I will have three .mp4 video files w/ audio (1 for each person on the call) and 1 .mp3 file.  If I open any of the video files in Windows Media Play they play just fine.  But when I bring the file into Adobe Premiere CS6 for editing, the audio is completely off.  What can I do to fix this?


      I did “interperate footage” for the file and this is what it shows:


      File Path: F:\VIDEO RECAP\ call1.mp4

      Type: MPEG Movie

      File Size: 1.3 GB

      Image Size: 1280 x 720

      Frame Rate: 28.47

      Source Audio Format: 16000 Hz - compressed - Stereo

      Project Audio Format: 32000 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Stereo

      Total Duration: 00;57;55;04

      Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0


      I want to edit this in HD.  So the project setting I choose is “HDV 720p30fps”.  I import my file, and then drag it into to the time line.  It says that the sequence settings are wrong, and so I tell it to change them automatically (I have also to it to leave them) either way it doesn’t matter.  When I play back the video .mp4 in Premiere CS6 the audio is completely off. 


      So is there some setting I need to tweak?  Is it the project settings that are wrong?  Or could it be a problem with my graphics, and sound card?  I just dont understand why it plays fine in WMP but not in Adobe.  Any help or advice would be truly appreciated.  If you need any more info, just let me know.