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    Can't get mailto: hyperlink to work when exporting to pdf


      I am creating an interactive pdf in InDesign 5.5. I am using the "Interactive for PDF" palettes, of course. I need to create a hyperlink that opens an email client when the link is activated.


      Here's what I'm doing:

      I type my text for the link, select it, and then open the hyperlinks tab. At the bottom of the tab, I select the new hyperlink button. In the dialog box that opens, I select "Email" from the "Link to:" drop-down menu. Then I enter the address and subject matter in the appopriate boxes. I usually leave character style and appearance alone, but that's not the source of the problem, anyway. After clicking "OK", I notice that my "mailto:address..." has appeared in the URL: box in the hyperlinks tab. So far so good. When I test it inside indesign by choosing "Go to Destination", it works perfectly. The problem arises when exporting to pdf. Of course, I'm exporting it as an interactive pdf. After the document has exported the link appears active when you hover over it, but when you click it, all it does is show the mailto: URL in a little rectangle. It doesn't activate the email client like it did when I tested it in InDesign.


      Vital specs: Windows 7 sp1; Adobe InDesign 5.5. My email client is Windows Live Mail 2012