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    Need help with cfifs

    Level 7
      I have a page that has 2 ways to get to it. Through one of two links on one
      page and directly through the URL.

      Link one sends the parameter 'demo=sb'
      Link two sends the parameter 'demo=group'

      The direct way sends neither (/demo/index.cfm)

      I have 2 variables set to if the value of demo is either sb or group. What I
      would like is if the url.demo = group, set one round of variables, if not
      then set them to the other.

      This way if there is nothing present in the url, it should just default to
      the second set of variables. However it always sets them to the default.

      That am I doing wrong?

      <cfif URL.demo EQ 'group'>
      <cfset lgusername = 'group'>
      <cfset lgpassword = 'demo'>
      <cfset lgusername = 'demo'>
      <cfset lgpassword = 'demo'>

      I also tried with with the #URL.demo#. It worked fine yesterday, but today
      it doesn't.
      Wally Kolcz
      Developer / Support