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    Is it the graphics card?

    dan charger media

      I'm running premiere 6.0.... I just built a new machine because the old one was too slow.  I used a mid-level gigabyte motherboard, intel core i5 processor (3.8's), 16 gb ram and the nvidia (evga) gtx 570 graphics card.  The system is dissappointingly slow... any time i drop a clip into the preview monitor  I get the 'video is unavailable' screen for a good 30 seconds.  Longer for longer clips.  The machine will not play even a single layer of 'yellow' video without rendering... forget multiple layers... the timeline stays yellow but the machine will not play it unless I force the sequence to render. 


      I have a friend with a similar system except he's using one of the mid-range quadro video cards... his system plows through any timeline, loads video instantly even from usb 2.0 external drives.  We're both editing AVCHD 1080i video... mine exists on a raid 0, his on various usb 2.0 hard drives. 


      Could my graphics card simply not be enough card?  Could the card be bad?  It is a refurb from evga.... their stuff is usually very reliable. 


      I'd appreciate any feedback and advice!