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    Feels like I am using a beta version of PE 10

    Dpbe Level 1

      I am using PE10 since about one year but I am not completely satisfied with the software. There are so many bugs in it...


      -     When starting PE10 on my Dual Core 3.0 GHz PE10 will stay at a 100% CPU usage, even when there is no project loaded. I know it´s the minimum but 100% load for only an emty application...? So I had to change to another computer.

      -     Lots of graphical issues:

           -     disappearing key frame buttons (known issue)

           -     When adjusting the audio level on the timeline the level indicator disappears and jumps back to it´s original position

           -     When extending a clip the clip "flips" on the timeline

           -     Graphical artifacts on the point where the time indicator had been.

      -     Saved text styles have different properties when reopening the project.

      -     Airbrush effect: when you set the effect to 0% the footage is still "airbrushed" (like you have set it to 10%)

      -     When switching from another program back to PE it takes 8 seconds before the turning icon changes into an arrow so I can go on working

      -     When using the crop effect first and after that the Edge Feather effect the Edge Feather starts at the original edges instead of the cropped footage. Changing order does not help.

      -     Turning audio buttons with the mouse is almost impossible

      -     Inserting clips when the time indicator is not on the current visible part of your project the project will be messed up.

      -     You cannot type a long text for a crawling title in the text box. The text won´t shift so you are typing off screen. You have to copy/past it from a text file.

      -     Some more annoying bugs...


      I hoped Adobe would release an update to fix these problems, but they don´t...


      Does someone feel the same way about this version of PE?