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    Apply Find/Change to multiple records at once?

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      I'm wondering if there is a way to apply the find/change options I select to all the records I've Data Merged into my InDesign file.


      The placeholders won't import the spaces in my database, example if I have



      InDesign template:     <<bird>>

                                              <<beak>><<beak value>>

      .csv:                              bird,beak,beak value

                                           Eagle,beak:        ,hooked


      I get


      InDesign after Data Merge:  Eagle




      No spaces came over with the merge.  If there is an option to preserve spaces, that would be the easiest solution. However, I'm not finding such a command, so I'd like to add a special character after my colons in the .csv and then use ID to find/change that character in every one of my records into a space or two.  Any ideas?




      edit: Even on a single record, the find/change isn't applying to my output document, either... Its outputting the special character I wrote into the  .csv fields instead of the space it is supposed to change into.


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