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    AME render time 2x SLOWER in CS6 than CS4


      I just upgrade to CS6.  A good portion of my projects are very long continuing professional education videos for streaming on the web.  AME4 could render an 8-hour video into baseline, H264 700x290 in about 12 hours.   (I know, strange, custom frame size.  It's for side-by-side speaker and overhead presentation.)  I opened the same CS4 project in CS6.  It was resaved for the new version. I also created a new sequence and copied the files over, just to be sure.  With EXACTLY the same export settings, render time is about 27 hours!



      AME4 was not a 64 bit app, whereas AME6 is.  So, my 16 GB of ram should be put to better use, I would think. According to Premiere, ram available for other apps is around 13GB.  In task manager performace, processor is at the ceiling but memory use is only 6GB:


      System specs are:


      Media drive is Western Digital Caviar Black 2 TB SATA III 7200 RPM 64 MB Cache



      How can I get AME6 to access more memory?  Why in the world would the render speed more than DOUBLE with a newer version?!?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, I would suggest getting a CUDA GPU and replace the AMD/ATI GPU.  Depending on how many MPE accelerated effects or features you are using it could accelerate the encoding appreciably.  This new GPU acceleration was not available in CS4.


          Second, you might try direct export from the timeline rather than queue it up for encoding in AME if that is what you were doing.


          If you take a look at our Premiere Pro BenchMark (PPBM5) you can see that as we suggest to only compare similar versions of Premiere as encoding times have increased with the newer more feature rich versions.

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            LorinK2922 Level 1

            Yes.  A CUDA card is on my wishlist, but my company may be tapped out for a while after new ram and an upgrade to CS6. 


            I did queue this one.  I wasn't aware that this would make a difference.  I'll try the direct export method next time.


            RE: "encoding times have increased with the newer more feature rich versions"  Really?  So was I just mislead/misinformed that a 64 bit version of this encoder would be faster?  Wow, that sucks.  But is there no way for AME to access more than 6GB of my ram?  I guess the slowness may be the price you pay for stability.  My 8-hr project failed two times in AME4.  I have 5 hours left of encoding on AME6.  It's my last, best hope for being able to deliver this project on time.