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    Missing clips when linking from PP to AE?


      Hi all!


      I have been using the dynamic link feature for a while now and this is the first time this has ever happened.


      I'm on a PC, Windows 7 Ultimate

      Premiere Pro 6

      After Effects 6


      I inport all my clips into PP and cut everything together.

      I highlight the portion of the clips I would like to link and then go to File>Adobe Dynamic Link>New After Effects Composition.

      AE opens and prompts me to save, so I name the file and hit save.

      I return to PP and right click on the highlighted clips and then select "Replace with After Effects Composition"

      Usually when I hit that, AE comes to the front again with all the highlights clips in the timeline.

      Then I'm all set to use SA color finesse and i'm usually good to go.


      This time, when I hit "replace with AE comp" only some of the clips show up and there are spaces where the other clips are supposed to be.

      When I check in PP, the whole block is pink and is linked, but where the clips are supposed to be, it's just black.


      I tried to search for the answer but people seem to be having problems after they grade and the linking after they close out and reopen.


      Anyone have any ideas? I would really rather not half color correct in AE and the other half in PP (I personally prefer AE anyways)


      Thanks in advance for any tips or tricks (or maybe i'm just being silly and missing a step?)