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    How to create quiz that allow user to go back and change answer?


      how do i make so quiz taker can go back and change answer?


      I've tried all sorts of permuations with the Manage Quiz settings and Mangae Question settings.  Is there a way to all the quiz-taker to be able to press the back button and change their answer?


      They're currently able to go back...but the answer is grayed out and the can't change it.  If I set to allow "infinite" attempts the quiz-taker, does not advance thru when he selects a false answer. Any advice out there?



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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          This functionality is not available in Presenter (or Captivate for that matter).


          As you have seen, you can either allow the learner to attempt the question until they get it right, or the fail it the predefined number of times, or pass the question, and then move on. Once the answer has been accepted there is no ability for them to go back and change their answers.


          If you allow multiple attempts to the quiz (preferably on the server level), the learn can re-access the presentation, and give different answers to the quiz. You should be able to track all the answers given as well.