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    Is it me? event.stageX versus stage.mouseX

    Gaius Coffey Level 2


      Nasty piece of debug this evening, ok, _very_ nasty piece of debug and I'm still in the middle of it.




      I've been seeing inconsistency in traces of MouseEvent where event.stageX != stage.mouseX and event.stageY != stage.mouseY so that any hit tests based on event coordinates fails. (I mean majorly out, not just rounding to int.) This, I hasten to add, is nasty.


      Now, I'm still debugging, so it could be that I've made a monumental cock-up somehow, but it seems a bit odd as it was all working fine until I moved to FB4.7, AIR3.5 and tried testing on an IPad retina. (No, I don't know which of those is significant.) I have also played with scaling settings to attempt to unravel some weird bits of resolution dependent non-functioning.


      So, the question; has anybody else encountered this kind of weirdness?