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    Transform Again Command for Fireworks

    Kyle ★ Level 1

      Hi everyone, I started this because I'm curious if there is or anyone else interested in having the Transform again command for fireworks like the one from Illustrator.


      Sorry if this was already something posted for fireworks but I didn't really find anything on this on the forums.


      I started looking around the net to see if there was anything that gave me the ability to do transform again, but I have not found anything yet. I'm not sure if anyone has something that does this but if they'd like to share that'd be great I'd even be interested in buying a extension that did it for FW as its become what I use in my web design and having that ability would greatly speed up my workflow.


      In short though I'm just curious if anyone knows where I can get this functionality for fireworks?



      - Kyle

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          groove25 Level 4

          Would the Edit > Repeat command (⌘Y) produce the same result? Give it a try.


          Also be sure to check out the Transform panel by Trevor McCauley: http://www.senocular.com/fireworks/extensions/?entry=572


          The Transform panel doesn't have a Transform Again function, but it does offer features that can't be found elsewhere in the application, like the "Duplicate and Transform" button, or the ability to apply a transformation to multiple objects individually. The latter reminds me of Illustrator's Transform Each... command, which is yet another Transform command that I've wished Fireworks included.


          FYI, you can always submit feature requests to Adobe here: https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform

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            Kyle ★ Level 1

            Thanks! I do feel a bit embarrassed that it was that simple but then again I'm still learning as much as possible on fireworks, I'm coming from using photoshop / illustrator for web which even at the time wasn't that great to use and I know I'm not going back after just starting to use FW


            and thanks for the links this also helps me out a lot

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              groove25 Level 4

              Glad to help. One cool thing about the Repeat command that I just noticed is that it serves a dual function: It becomes a Redo command whenever the user performs an Undo operation. That's pretty efficient and seems kind of unique. (It doesn't exist in Photoshop or Illustrator.)


              Nevertheless, despite its good points, there are some "Transform Again"-type operations that Fireworks cannot accomplish, at least not without a lot of help—for example, copying and rotating an object around a fixed origin point. In Illustrator, you can select the Rotate tool and Option-click on the artboard to set an origin point anywhere. This brings up the Rotate dialog where the rotation angle can be set and a Copy option selected. Following this, the Transform Again command can be used to repeat the transformation indefinitely.





              In Fireworks, there is no Copy option within the native Transform commands. Instead, you need to Clone the object first, and then select the Transform command, which allows you to set an origin point. From there, one must rotate the object by hand, holding the Shift key to constrain the rotation to 15-degree increments, if desired.





              At this juncture, things break down a bit. Because there are two steps involved—cloning and transforming—you can't use the Repeat command to repeat the process. But there's another option: the History panel. If you highlight the two steps within the History panel, you can choose to Replay them. This would be great, except that it doesn't actually work in this particular case. The results look like a biological cloning process gone wrong.





              The Transform panel by Trevor McCauley extends Fireworks capabilities quite a bit, but it's not fully up to this task either. The panel has a "Duplicate and Transform" command that allows one to quickly copy and transform in a single step, much like in Illustrator, plus it has an origin-point selector that allows one to choose between 9 different origin points relative to the object. Unfortunately, the panel doesn't acknowledge origin points set manually on the canvas via FW's native Transform command, and repeat transformations occur relative to each newly transformed object—for some less-than-predictable results.





              A solution, in this case, is to rely on a little brain power and math. Instead of repeatedly applying the same 30-degree rotation, work out the resulting angles ahead of time (30, 60, 90, 120, etc.) and apply them in sequence to the original vector object. In other words, select the original object, enter the rotation angle, click "Duplicate and Transform", and then repeat. It's a little laborious, but it works.





              Another solution, of course, is to simply use Illustrator for this type of graphic, and then copy-and-paste the results into Fireworks. While it's vexing when something cannot be accomplished from within a single application, it's worth keeping in mind that Adobe has gone to some lengths to allow applications within the Creative Suite to work together, and this might be a time to take advantage of that.

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                Linda Nicholls Level 4

                Here's another way to do it if you don't mind ending up with a bitmap. If you need a vector, clone the double petal image and rotate the clone. Repeate clocing and rotating by using the replay button in the History panel.