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    Emailing InDesign generated PDF

    craigpmhere Level 1

      Hello all. I have been trying to email a PDF I created from my InDesign file, but when the recipient opens the file on their computer it has 'holes' in it. For example, there are many words where the “ff” is let out of words like “effort” so it appears “e  ort” or “suffering” looks like “su  ering”.


      This person has not had trouble with reading PDF's on their computer in the past, so I was wondering if there may be something with the file itself, and if that could have been created from the InDesign file.


      I exported the document to Format: Adobe PDF Print.


      Options: 'Embed Page Thumbnails'


      Include: 'Bookmarks' and 'Hyperlinks'


      Could the problem have started in the ID original file?