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    Nothing Will Finish Downloading


      My flash player stopped working out of the blue so I uninstalled it and attempted to download it for reinstall. (by not working I mean youtube videos freeze after only a few seconds)


      Now when I download any file from adobe's website (using Chrome, Firefox, and IE9)  the download always stops a few kb's from finishing. It will say 48 out of 74kbs or 15.5 out of 15.6 mb but it will never finish.


      I did try canceling and trying restarting them severl times and sometimes the download would complete but when trying to run the completed file I would get errors like missing certification or "side by side" errors. This leads me to believe that the downloads must not have worked properly and that there are files missing (since I tried troubleshooting those individual errors to no avail)


      Anyone else with this problem? I'm completely stumped.