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    White frame at head of animation in Edge

    geoff123 Level 2

      Hi there


      I have a white frame flash at the head of the animation in edge appearing in Safari and Chrome but not in firefox(that I can see).




      any suggesions as to how I might get rid of it.


      The background for the entire animation is transparent.


      The oam file was placed in Muse.


      Any help would be most appreciated





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          joel_pau Level 5

          Hello Cathy,


          It seems that it comes from your background Stage. Because your background-color is rgba(255,255,255,0). It means white and opacity=0%.

          I saw this frame using Internet Explorer 10 and Opera.

          It seems opacity doesn't work.


          I don't know muse. But, you should preload your background image and then run your animation.

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            joel_pau Level 5



            I think i found one solution about opacity.

            • We have: rgba(255,255,255,0).
            • We want: rgba(0,0,0,0). See picture below.


            To avoid your white frame, you must perform 2 tasks.

            1) Change background-color from white to black.

            2) Change from black to transparent. Then you will see my picture.

            Now, you save and republish.

            Don't forget to empty (to clear) browsers cache.

            I'll check IE 10.

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              geoff123 Level 2

              Hi Joel,


              Thanks for the help on this one - thought problem is not solved.

              I have reset image as suggested to (0,0,0,0) and also inserted preload.


              If you can help me with thi I would greatly appreciate it.


              Now the preload comes after the white box.




              I am guessing this is probably some bug.


              Any thoughts would be most appreciated.





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                Dan G. Level 2

                Hi Cathy,


                Yes I have noticed this glitch since the inception of the oam method.
                I've gone thru everything I could think of but the problem still occurs with Safari and Chrome. I'm pretty sure I've also read mention of this happening in DPS as well. It's a sneaky one tho. In Safari it can disappear after it's in your cache. In Chrome it's all over the map. ie-In can not appear. It can appear, and it can keep appearing after numerous reloads even tho it's in the cache. (sneaky bugger). Firefox-no problem. But (for lack of a better interpretation) in Firefox it almost looks like somethings going on behind the scenes to squash that behaviour.

                What OS are you on?


                At any rate, it was suggested to me awhile back on the Muse forum that it could be a corrupted poster image conflict. So I resolved that by dotting my i's and crossing my T's and re-publishing. I also made sure that in my images folder I didn't have multiple poster images, but rather the one correct one. For a time everything seemed smooth, and then the behaviour started again. I've lived with it for the time being for various reasons, but in your case, where the animation is big and dominant on the page...um yeah.


                The "semi" good news and the bad news.


                The good news is that with an older method (b4 we had the oam option) this behaviour didn't happen.
                The bad news is that I noticed other things going on (when integrated with Muse) with this method. However you might not experience any.

                It's also more involved (tho not difficult) than just dropping a file, and you would have to constantly update and edit your files, but you can give it test.
                Thanks to SarHunt..here's the link



                On a personal note, I hope this can be figured out because I've been living with this since..June?

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                  Dan G. Level 2

                  Any word from the team on this issue?
                  I haven't seen any input regarding the matter from this side.
                  Muse is aware of the issue.

                  I've had to redo some of my stuff in Hype. I'd rather stick with EA.
                  Don't know how DPS is faring except for this thread here..


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                    Love edge and muse but Definite eyesore.  Any fixes in the works staff?




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                      elainecc Adobe Employee

                      Hi, folks-


                      Looks like Franck found a workaround.






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