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    Too slow on internal references (InD CS6 [8.0.1] on OSX 10.7.5, 3.4GHz iMac with 16GB memory)

    Edward Lipsett Level 1

      I'm making a 400-page book in the latest version of InDesign. Other books of similar length present no problems, but this particular book has huge numbers of internal references. For example, it says "see page xx for more information," and I'm specifying the xx with an internal page reference, so if the text reflows later the displayed page number remains correct.
      That all works fine.


      The problem is that there are a LOT of such references, and InDesign response is getting slower and slower. It now takes about 60s to display a reference panel when creating a new one, for example, and about the same length of time to just select a color for a text string.


      The Mac has plenty of free memory, according to the activity monitor, so my guess is that reducing the number of active extensions will help.


      My questions are:

      1. Is there a list anywhere of what each particular extension actually does, so I can tell if I might need it for this job or not?

      2. If there is something else I should try in addition to or instead of the above, PLEASE TELL ME!


      Thanks for your time.


      Edward Lipsett


      Fukuoka, Japan