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    Creating smarter more efficient documents - what tools?

    The bloke from stoke

      Hi all


      I’ve just taken over the print department at the company I work for and am reviewing the tools and workflows the current print designer uses. It seems at the moment the designer does everything himself from producing the layouts and general design right through to copy editing in Indesign.


      We produce a lot of the same style event bid documents where each will have common content (about us, why work with us, who we are etc) along with content specific to that bid. What I’d like to move to is a way that our designer can create a basic template structure for each page style that is required in a bid document and the event manager can create a custom document themselves using the template document.


      I’ve been looking at perhaps getting our event managers to use InCopy to create/edit these Indesign template documents but I am not sure if this tool would allow someone to create custom documents rather than simply editing something the designer has put together. Here is an example of how 2 typical people may want to create documents:


      Manager A – Wants bid document with general info pages, 2 pages of bid specific copy & 5 listing pages which they will write.

      Manager B – Wants bid document half of the general info pages, 1 page of specific bid copy & 12 listing pages


      Could you recommend some software, tools etc that might be suitable for this type of production and would InCopy be something that could do this?