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    flex builder mobile 4.6...only horizontal


      how to set flex 4.6 Mobile only in a horizontal position???


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          Wingnow Level 1

          your will have a app.xml in your project, find it out first


          then, edit the following xml from comment:

          <!-- The initial aspect ratio of the app when launched (either "portrait" or "landscape"). Optional. Mobile only. Default is the natural orientation of the device -->

          <!-- <aspectRatio></aspectRatio> -->

          <!-- Whether the app will begin auto-orienting on launch. Optional. Mobile only. Default false -->

          <!-- <autoOrients></autoOrients> -->


          to xml like this:

          <aspectRatio>portrait</aspectRatio> (or landscape, it depends)




          and in fact, as I remember you can determine this property when you create new project

          editing the xml is only use when you change your mind after creating the project