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    TTS: difference in quality between voice generated by Cp and on NeoSpeech site

    Bluefix Level 1

      Comparing the voice generated for a given text by Cp 6 and generated online on NeoSpeech site, the voice on NeoSpeech site is generally better. I mainly tested Kate voice. The voice generated by Cp is less human - more metallic and sometimes has echo, as if two persons were speaking. Also, sometimes the voise has noise, characteristic to digital noise (like voice and tiny pieces of silence shuttered and mixed together). The voice generated online on NeoSpeech is more human and clean.


      Is it because of the TTS voice version difference between Cp and NeoSpeech site and can the voice in Cp be somehow updated? Or is it perhaps the matter of sound card (I have 3 years old Sound Blasted and it normally records voice very well)?


      Second question: is it possible to have some VTML tags applied to the whole presentation once (e.g. peace, pitch), or is it necessary to include them in every one slide note?


      I also have third question: is it possible to directly attach TTS voice to an object? (other than generating it as a slide TTS, exporting to mp3 and importing to the object)