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    Need assistance for storage option.





      I am new to flash and I am trying to make an Anroid app to familiarise with Flex 4.6. This is an overview so you can have an idea of what I want to accomplish.


      Ok, so, the application that I am trying to create is a bike and running tracker. The idea is to track the distance and time but I want to achive there with "logs". For example; There will be two profiles (for now), one for running and the other for biking, these profiles will have a summary of your information (total running distance and time). Each profile will hold their respective logs (a good example for representation would be the Google Now Cards, each card will hold one log). Now, whenever you start the activity, you will "create a new log", this new log will record the information for that particular "run" or activity. When done the log will be saved and stacked with the other logs of their respective type (running or biking).


      My questions are:


      • How can I save this information?
      • Should I use an SQL Database, if so, how (multiple tables?)?


      Any other suggestions or tips that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you!