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    Java script created in Adobe Acrobat not working in Reader



      This is my first post, so I hope I chose the correct path for it


      Let's get to the point:


      I created a java script in Adobe Acrobat according to your tutorial page:


      search.matchCase = false;

      search.wordMatching = "BooleanQuery";

      search.bookmarks = false;

      search.query("Mytxt","Folder","../My directory");


      which I found to be working as a let's call it a relative link, beacuse, after copying my file into another folder it would still work. But when I opened the same file in Adobe Reader I got a Console message:



      Acrobat EScript Built-in Functions Version 10.0

      Acrobat SOAP 10.0

      GeneralError: Operation failed.

      Search.query:4:Link undefined:Mouse Up

      Folder does not exist


      As I mentioned before the same file does return the results of the search.query in this folder in Acrobat. Any ideas? Suggestions? What might be the problem?