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    deauthorise an ereader

    beyond a joke

      Can anyone tell me how to deauthorise a Sony eReader PRS-T1? I've reformatted the memory which deleted the books but not the Adobe ID. 

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          sjpt Level 4

          try http://www.mobileread.mobi/forums/showthread.php?t=169593&page=3

          But it failed for th person who asked the question there ...




          Quote diddy

          I wrote Sony support an email and here is what they replied:


          I understand that you own a Sony PRS-T1 eReader and are enquiring as to if the device can be de-authorized from Adobe DRM before you sell it.


          In regards to this matter the unit can be de-authorised from your computer by following the steps below.





          1. When the Reader is on, completely shut down the device by pushing the power button found on the bottom of the device, please then wait for 3 seconds and tap yes on the screen and then wait for the screen to turn off.



          2. Press the power button, the eReader will start rebooting.



          3. When the progress bar progresses, push and hold the Next and Back buttons simultaneously.



          4. When home screen appears, release, push and release your finger on Back button and then release your finger on Next button, make sure that you do not do this simultaneously.



          5. Tap Yes on the confirmation on the hard reset screen on the eReader, the screen will then turn off automatically after the hard reset.



          6. Push power button to start ‘out of box’ settings.



          Please then connect this to your computer and authorise your device.



          You will not need to de-authorise the device from Adobe DRM and the new owner will be able to create their own Adobe account without issue or access to your old account.



          I hope this information is of some assistance. Thank you for your enquiry.

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            beyond a joke Level 1

            Hi sjpt, thank you for your reply it really should do the trick if it came from Sony. I tried, several times: it doesn't work for me either!