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    Why do i need to fully qualify a reference ot flash.external.ExternalInterface....?


      I have a very simple application that I'm starting with in order to understand the ExternalInterface API that is essentially the code below:



      import flash.external.ExternalInterface;

      import mx.controls.Alert;


      private function init():void {


            if (flash.external.ExternalInterface.available)



                  lblTextFromHost.text = "External Interface Available";






      Why is it that when I fully qualify the 'flash.external.ExternalInterface.available' in the 'if' statement I don't get errors but when I just use 'ExternalInterface.available' like all of the examples I get an error saying:


      Error 1119:  Accessof a possibly undefined property available through a reference with static type Class.


      As a new-comer to Flash / Flex I'd apprecaite any guidance.