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    Using ajaxproxy CFC any error (even handled) causes parsejson error

    Steven6282 Level 1

      I'm trying to use a CFC in an ajaxproxy.  If I make a simple function it works fine, but as soon as I start getting into more complex scenarios, some of which may need to have a caught error for connection failures and such, instead of returning the error it just returns a parsejson syntax error in the javascript.  I've even tried using a try catch and returning a structure with the error details but that doesn't work either, still gives the parsejson error.  I've tested and confirmed without any actual error the struct returns fine with false error data in it, but as soon as it's a real error it doesn't work.


      This makes using a ajaxproxy nearly useless if you can't capture and handle errors in it.  Surely I'm simply doing something wrong?


      This is on a developer edition, Coldfusion 9, Apache 2.2, Windows 7 Host.