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    Audio saving very weird?

    PhotoGirl90 Level 1

      I'm trying to save my 6-ish minute video in Adobe Premiere Elements 10 in WMV format. When I play the saved video in WMP, the voices of the people in the video are comically low, deep voices. Almost as someone would sound if you recorded them and replayed the audio in slow-mo. But that's not how they are on playback in editing. I tried saving in AVI, but for whatever reason that won't play in WMP. I also tried MPEG but every time I try to play the saved video, my computer freezes.




      I am using Windows XP.


      EDIT: I tried saving in MOV. It plays okay, but skips around a lot in some parts of the video. Not enjoyable.

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          Barbara B. Level 7

          Hi, Photogirl. PRE has its own forum, and you'll get better help with video problems there. I'll move this over there for you.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            First, several questions:


            What are the full specs. of your Video Clips? The more info, the better?

            Also, what camera was used to record those Clips?

            When you were at New Project, you had several choices to make, regarding the Project's Preset. What did you choose?

            What you are referring to as "save," is actually Export, or Share, or in PrE 11 Publish. You mention AVI as one of the output formats. What were the output options that you used? The AVI format can contain a lot of different material, and some might not be easily playable in WMP.


            That should get us started in troubleshooting the issues.


            Good luck, and let us know a bit more, please.



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I'm with Bill. What model of camcorder did this video come from?


              And how fast is your processor and how much RAM do you have?

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                PhotoGirl90 Level 1

                Okay, so I've figured out that MOV exports fine (yes, I did mean export! I'm used to different terms, since I'm new to this program.) and will play fine as long as I open it from a flash drive. I had a similar problem before and it was just because the disc drive that the file was on runs slowly. However, it will not play on my other computer, which runs on Windows 7. The audio plays, but nothing else.


                The weird part is, the WMV formatted video (the one with messed up audio) plays absolutely fine on the W7 computer.


                1. What do you mean by 'specs'? The clips I'm working with are around 3-5 minutes and there is about four of them. I made a mistake in my original post; the completed video is just over 8 minutes. I used a point and shoot Kodak. It takes great video and I never had any problems with the videos until recently, and I thought maybe switching to this program might help. (I was using Windows Movie Maker before.)

                2. I chose New Project, and then selected where I wanted the project to save. That was all.

                3. Yes, I do mean Export. And I used whatever settings were already selected, thinking maybe it was the best option until I learn all of that.


                Hopefully this helps?


                EDIT: Steve, I'm not sure. But I am fairly certain more RAM was added. The computer runs great and I rarely have problems with it, which is why I find this so strange!

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Thank you for the clarification.


                  As for the specs. of the Kodak camera's files, I would download and install the great, free file information utility, MediaInfo, and run one of the files through that. It will give you all of the specifications of the files from that camera. Normally, I would just say to look at the camera's manual, to get that info, but with too many point-and-shoot cameras, the mfgrs. do not bother to give many details. MediaInfo: http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en. There is a second common file info utility, G-Spot (www.headbands.com/gspot), but with some of the newer files, and especially versions with the H.264 CODEC, misses some of the necessary detail. Still, it too is a good utility to have around.


                  As for the Project's Preset, it is likely that the default is not correct, for that footage. It is very important that the Project matches the Source Footage (the AV files from your camera, in this case). Steve Grisetti, our "famous author" MOD, points that out in his books, and also in his Basic Training Series: http://muvipix.com/products.php?searchphrase=basic+training&btn.x=16&btn.y=10 That Basic Training Series is highly recommended for anyone new to PrE. Also, one can go to the Edit>Project Settings menu, accessed from the Toolbar at the top of the PrE screen. The General tab will list the parameters of your Project, as it was set up.


                  When we have the full details of the Kodak files, then we can recommend the Project's necessary Preset, that should match that footage. There might need to be some compromises, depending on the specs. of those files.


                  That will give us a good foundation, from which to work.


                  Good luck, and let us know a bit more, please.




                  PS - as far as the terms, things CAN get a bit confusing. To make matters a touch more difficult, Adobe keeps changing the exact terms, used in PrE. Originally, the term for outputting a file, from a Project/Timeline, was "Export." Then, they added "Share," so I had to start listing the operation as "Export/Share." With PrE, the term "Publish" has been added, so now I type "Export/Share/Publish." Let us hope that they do not change things ever again. In PrE's big-brother, Premiere Pro, it is still Export.


                  One common term, that also gets confused is "Render," as some programs use that term to mean Export to an output file. In Premiere (both flavors), Render means the process of creating "proxy files," for smoothest playback of a Timeline, by hitting the Enter/Return key. Then, there is Save (Save, Save_As and Save_As_a_Copy, plus AutoSave), which gets confused with Export/Share/Publish, but means doing a Save operation for the Project file (a PREL), which contains no media, and can only be opened in PrE. It contains a lot of XML code only, which will be the instructions for PrE, and contains links to the actual Assets/Media files on the computer.


                  We see these terms interchanged often (as other programs interchange those terms frequently), so we need to ask exactly what is meant by the OP (Original Poster). I had a glossary of common Premiere terms, but then Adobe began changing things too much, that it became obsolete.