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    Importing ditamap into RoboHelp fails


      I am trying to import a ditamap (created in FrameMaker) into RoboHelp. I am able to create Web output using command line DITA-OT, which is what RH uses in the background. But when I try in RH, I get the following error:

      Error occurred while importing C:\......\a.ditamap. See Output View for details.


      The Output View says:

      Processing with DITA Open Toolkit failed. No Logs found.

      Check DITA Open Toolkit is installed and working.




      Well, as I said, DITA Open Toolkit is indeed installed and working for the exact ditamap that fails in RH. Even more puzzling is the fact that my colleague, who we believe has the same setup as I do, is able to import the ditamap.


      We are both using RoboHelp, which I believe is the latest update available. Please correct me if I'm wrong! Our machines are Windows 7 and we have FrameMaker 11 (not that it should matter). DITA-OT is 1.6.3.


      I found some talk about this problem from an old post (here), in which someone stated that Adobe is working on this. Any ideas whether that is still the case, or if I can try anything else?