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    Metadata in progress

    Post Kopic

      can you explain me what this message means?


      Metadata in progress (2 files pending).  If you quit before writing is complete, data will be lost.


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          jstrawn Adobe Employee

          Probably best to read this first:



          Or, more specifically:

          "... the metadata writing in Premiere is fairly involved.


          It tries to write metadata in the background asynchronously, but only when the file isn't being touched by something else in the application or by some other application.  What you're experiencing is potentially (I can't say for sure yet) where these 23 background metadata writing tasks never finished, or someone else never let go of the file.  If that someone else is Premiere, it is definitely a bug (which is my current guess).


          Are you able to provide which file types these 23 files are, and what sort of drive/volume they're on (e.g. local/external USB/firewire/SSD/etc).


          And since a number of other posters are mentioning that this started in 6.0.2 for them, is that the same for you?"

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            Post Kopic Level 1

            Thanks for the link.

            I use CineForm and I think the problem is between PP & CF

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              Post Kopic Level 1

              is anybody know if Adobe will use the Cineform SDK to have seamless operation. Actualy, travelling metadata from "Muxing" CF footage to PP or Speedgrade is not integrated for stereoscopic post-production ....