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    Need Help! How to position loaded swf movies on levels?

    reinhat Level 1
      I have a swf movie loading into level 2 inside the main container swf...is there any way off postioning the entire loaded movie to display 20 pixels lower and 10 pixels to the right?
      By default the loaded movie is positioned to the top left corner and it would be very time consuming moving all the elements inside the content.swf timeline.

      loadMovieNum("content.swf", 2);

      What script would move the loaded swf to another place?
      Thank you in advance, Attila
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          Rothrock Level 5
          _level2 isn't inside the main container swf, it is its own thing.

          You can move a _level just like a movieclip.


          The only problem is there is nothing analogous to createEmptyMovieClip which would allow you to create an empty level and get it ready to receive your swf. So the level isn't addressable until it exists and it won't exist until it has content loaded into it. Therefore you should probably make a pre-loader (or use the MovieClipLoader class) and wait until the content is loaded and then position the level.

          PS: You can also use other methods on _levels, like _alpha and swapDepths()!