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    How do I write a script to set maximum pixel dimensions?

    Linda O'Donnell

      I need to batch process JPGs and limit the maximum dimension to 500 px. This has to apply to the largest side of the image, either height or width. The other side should auto size proportionately. I'm currently having to make these size changes manually. I haven't found any script language or function that will let me set the largest pixel size to 500 px, regardless of which dimension is the largest.



      1. If the image is 1000 px w x 750 px h, I want the script to resize the image proportionately for the largest side, changing the width to 500 px

      2. If the image is 750 px w x 1000 px h, I want the script to change the height to 500 px and the proportions conform accordingly for the width


      Any ideas are grately welcomed.