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    wesonthenet Level 1

      How do I add a submit button when creating from a blank template in Form Central?

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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          Its put on the form automatically. Its not shown on the Design tab. If you preview the web form or PDF form you will see it.


          Note: If you are using the FormsCentral desktop app bundled with Acrobat XI you need to move your form online. Once you do that distributing the web or PDF form from the Distribute tab will place a Submit button on your form.



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            Using the AFDT I created one and output to PDF, but do not see a Submit button anywhere...I tried the email widget one, but that just attaches the PDF to an email...

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              RandySwineford Adobe Employee

              Did you do this from the Distirbute tab within the FormsCentral Desktop application.


              I'm not sure what you mean by "email widget"

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                CBJason Level 1

                You had said that the submit button was put on the form automatically when either connected to the Adobe central system or when a PDF is generated.  I generated a PDF and there is no "Submit" button.


                So, to answer your other question, I was creating a form in AFDT, and at the very bottom of the template is an option bar for adding new items, and there is a thumbnail for an email button (it looks like an envelope).  I added that, but it still prompts for an email address, then opens your preferred email client and merely attaches the PDF form to it.




                My 2¢ - http://www.surveymonkey.com


                It's free, and even if I wanted to customize to the degree that AFDT would allow, it's only $200 a year.  And the full version of Acrobat Pro to get this kind of control is how much?  $450 for a single license? http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobatpro.html


                Additionally, Survey Monkey isn't throttled by DRM and license restrictions.  (It's cloud-based SaaS already...)

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                  RandySwineford Adobe Employee

                  Sorry, I think there is some confusion here.


                  The FormsCentral desktop application shipping with Acrobat XI only allows you to create PDF forms (without submit buttons). If you move the form online or just use the FormsCentral web app (which is cloud based) directly you can add a submit button that sends the data to the FormsCentral service.


                  The email address icon you highlighted above is for adding an email address field to your form to collect an email address. It has nothing to do with submitting the data via email.


                  You don't need to buy Acrobat to use the FormsCentral service. You can buy it seperately for less than $150 (and there is also a free option). There are no DRM or license restrictions beyond what is spelled out on the pricing page.


                  This FAQ compares Acrobat vs FormsCentral: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-1385


                  I hope that clears things up.



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                    CBJason Level 1

                    You've clarified something, for sure, thanks.  However, to that end, you've also (not sure if this was intentional or not) outlined that Acrobat has some features that are needed that AFCT does not have, and AFCT has some features that Acrobat has.  I'd like to see these repetitive products reduced to one truly usable application that is more extensible.  Key to this would be:


                    • Support the import of existing paper, Word, XFA(XML) or non-fillable PDF forms. (Available in Acrobat, but not available in AFCT)

                    •Send respondents a link to the form or survey in an email or post it to a website, blog, or wiki. (Available in AFCT but not available in Acrobat)
                    •Embed form directly within a web page (Available in AFCT but not Acrobat)


                    I further have difficulty believing that extending the functionality of one (and let's not mince words here - I mean Acrobat) is a better strategy than locking down functionaltiy across applications. What Adobe wants to charge for the use of both is exhorbitantly high.  I can get SurveyMonkey and CutePDF which brings all this functionality to the table for $250...less than the price of Acrobat.


                    When Adobe starts making Acrobat more extendable and less exhorbitant in order to compete, I may be back, but based on the new pricing policies, compartmentalization, and fractionalization, the new roadmap is likely to not include me.  A shame it takes mass depatures or the voices of industry notables in other product lines (like SK in the Photoshop world) in order for Adobe to actually listen...

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                      I need to create a form and am using Forms Central.  These are medical patient forms that need to be submitted through a service that is HIPAA complient.  How do I set this up so the submit button is configurable as to where the form is sent.

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                        Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

                        Sorry FormsCentral is no HIPAA compliant. See http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-1384 for more information. There is a reply from me in there explaining the details.