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    Edge Animate and Muse Integration Help!!!


      OK, so I finally got the hang of Edge, but now have an issue that it's solution might be simple but I cant find anything online.


      I wanted to implement some animated banners on my muse site.


      So far from what I have seen all I have to do is animate on Edge then export and import the OAM file into muse..


      But, what about after that? I previewd it on Muse and looked fin, then I uploaded FTP and the content was missing.


      What suspect is that the edge animate file has to be uploaded FTP to the server and then it would show up right? Or maybe iFrame it into place... Not sure I tryed uploading the folder but had no results.


      Can someone PLEASE give me some guidance? A tutorial or step by step for me and others having related issues understand what files (if any) need to be uploaded to the server and where they have to go.


      Adobe Staff: I think these typoes of issues should be on your list of tutorials to cover early on. Maybe allow users to upload tutorials and then the community vote on the accuracy of each one and being recognized as Adobe as Creidible references.



      Thanks in Advance for anyone that takes the time to help me out.

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Part A Edge Animate

          1. Create Edge Animate project

          2. When complete, go to the File > Publish Settings (menu command) > Tick & Select Animate Deployment Package.  (Take note of the 'Target Directory setting - you will need to browse to here when you are in Muse) Then click the Save button command to the lower right.

          3. Go to the File > Publish menu command to complete the publishing process to an .oam package file.


          The above process creates an .oam file that will be 'Placed' in your Muse site.


          Minimize Edge Animate and go to Part B.


          Part B Muse

          1. Create Site with Pages.

          2. Now to place the Edge  Animate .oam file.

              From the Plan tab, double click the page thumbnail you want to place the Edge Animate .oam file.

          3. Once that page is open, go to File > Place. At the prompt navigate to the /publish/animate package/ folder (that was created from A.2) and select the .oam package file.

          4. Click anywhere to 'drop'/place the loaded .oam reference.

          5. Now the Edge Animate file is placed onto a page, File > Save Site your Muse project file.

          6. Now you need to save the project into html format. Go to File > Export As Html.

          7. At the prompt: enter the domain name location you plan to upload these project files; set the Location (to save the files) to a new folder (i named this folder 'museTest') on your Desktop; then click OK.


          From Part B you should now have a folder on your desktop with the exported muse .html files.


          The exported folder and structure should look similar to this (aside from my named folder of museTest):



            > museTest        (root folder)

               > assets          (sub folder of root folder)

               > css              (sub folder of root folder)

               > scripts         (sub folder of root folder)





          Now move onto ftp the folder to your host.


          Part C Ftp Program

          1. Open ftp program of your choice (I use Filezilla).

          2. Enter the credentials (ip/url, username and password) to your host destination.

          3. Upload the entire folder (mine is called 'museTest') from the Desktop to a destination folder on the remote server.


          Navigate to the remote folder destination via your browser of choice. So in my case I upload the entire folder 'museTest' to the root of my server structure I should be able to navigate to the site in this manner




          Or if your server does not have default documents enabled you may have to navigate to it directly, like this






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            an oam animation imported in muse can't be a button link to a website?

            thank you

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              THANK YOU!!! You made that simple....I didn't do any thing crazy at this point, but it worked easily and the file came into muse easily!! I love it when things just work!

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                Dear friend if its not late for you i ll give some information about your situation same was happened to me and i solved the problem by chaging the asset files names ex: this was a logo animaton there were seperated letters as png files one of them was missing every time i uploaded to ftp and filename was invalid caracters when i change it everything seems ok then if this was helpful i ll be very happy of it

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                  Izzyroll Level 1

                  Hi Guys, Thanks for all the great info. So I got it to the point where I export the muse file and FTP it using FIlezilla as suggested by @heathrowe. OK, is that it? What about the files edge created when I exported? Do I need to ftp those files too? if so what folder do i place them in on the server? Thanks alot fellas! Izzy