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    Disconnection and corruption of open files on external or network drive after wakeup

    BCuzzillo Level 1

      I'm a power user of Acrobat and often have a couple dozen files open. When waking from Sleep, Standby, or Hibernate, open files have to be closed without saving because they become unsynced with Acrobat. If one is not careful, you can lose a lot of editing, or you need to save the corrupted file to a new name and try to copy over the markups to the original file. I first encountered this nuisance on a laptop and thumb drives, but now that I'm trying to be green and letting my desktop sleep, it happens with files on the network server also. Files on the c: drive are not afflicted with this malady. Other applications are not aflicted. So what's the answer? Live with it? Waste energy and leave my desktop on 24/7?