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    Skin color correction

    kjm33 Level 1

      I have converted a VHS tape - it is a 2 hour interview with my mother.  The skin tones are very yellowy/orangey which I would like to correct.  I've been struggling with this for some time. I first used the channel mixer, reducing the amout of output red. That improved things only a little. Then I discovered the 3 way color corrector and started using that to add more blue.  I had no idea how much correction to make but for mid-tones and whites I used an angle of 30 (blue), a magnitude of 90, gain of 30, saturation 110.  I only made minor corrections to the blacks.  This improved the colors a lot - the hair was not so red and the skin was far less orange.  However the skin still doesn't look right to me - there is some pink in the cheeks but there now seems to be a contrast between the cheeks and say the upper lip which looks pale and yellowy (but no longer orange at least).  Thos whole problem of getting this right is compounded by the fact that I get different results while previewing (after rendering of course) in PE10 compared to viewing the output on the PC compared to viewing on my TV after burning a DVD.


      Any suggestions would be welcome.


      Right now I also have a problem that PE10 is crashing when I scroll down through the various video effects.  It says it has encountered a serious error and needs to close.  Do I need to uninstall and resinstall?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Color correction, particularly in video, is one of the most challenging things to do. Espeically if the color is as far off as you describe.


          Version 11 has some more powerful color correction and adjustment tools, but even they might have trouble with this one. It sounds as though you probably did as well as could be expected.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            It is also virtually impossible to do broadcast CC (Color Correction), on a computer monitor. First, PrE is not a Color-Managed Workspace, and then few computer monitors are even calibrated. One needs a dedicated, calibrated Broadcast Monitor, and the capabilities to feed the signal to that. Even then, one has zero control on how the output will look on a user's TV, as 99% are not even close to being calibrated.


            Add to that, the lack of dynamic range of VHS, and the problems are compounded.


            I agree with Steve, that if the 3-Way CC is not quite perfect, it might be as good as it gets, tough perhaps with a bit more tweaking of the parameters, it might be improved slightly.


            Good luck,