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    Quick way to create gradient from selected fill color?

    thesergie Level 1

      I create gradients all the time and i'm wondering if there's a quick way to create a gradient based on the current selected object's fill color. For example: I have selected a box with a fill color of BLUE. I go to the gradient panel and see that what the gradient will be if I click on it (that is usally based on a default gradient WHITE to BLACK, or it comes from the most recent gradiented object I touched). So I click on it and the gradient is activated with the stops being not BLUE. What i want is... if i select a box with a BLUE fill and click on gradient - it will create a gradient with both stops being the same BLUE as the fill color. This would be very convenient because instead of clicking on each stop, shift-eyedropping the the blue color from a duplicated box, it would instantly start with the blue-blue gradient for me to tweak (in the case below for a button i would make the higher stop lighter and lower stop darker).

      Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 5.04.17 PM.png


      It's somewhat useful to select an object with a gradient to "copy" that gradient, select a new object, click on the gradient panel and have this new object take on that exact gradient. But most of the time i'm not copying gradients but i'm creating new ones, and it makes more sense for me to create a gradient derived from the fill color. Would this be useful to anyone else?