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    Classic tween bug in CS6

    crispe123 Level 1

      Hi, I am having a really infuriating bug in CS6 thats pretty much made doing my work nigh on impossible til I can rectify it.


      Basically the issue is (I do character animation), I place say a legs walk cycle with keyframes, which is all fine, but when I apply a classic tween to those, Flash takes my positions on the keyframes and flips them around to random rotations. Keyframe positions should not move AT ALL in classic tween animation so I have no idea what is going on here other than it being a bug. I have tried switching the settings of the document as both AS2 and AS3, and the bug is slightly different in each, but still essentially the same. In AS3 the keyframed position will change and there will be no animation along the length of the classic tween between the 2 keframes. In AS2, there is animation along the length of the tween but the position of the keyframe itself still flips out to the wrong position.


      Has anyone else had this experience? How did you rectify it?


      I am currently reinstalling the program in the hope it works, aside from that I'm not sure what to do.


      My system is Windows 7 PC, all the latest updates etc installed (Creative Cloud auto updating)



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          crispe123 Level 1

          Reinstalled, no difference.

          In further playing around, if I uncheck Snap and Scale and make rotation none from the Tween settings the position rotation of the keyframe does not change in error, however that isn't a helpful solution as it basically makes it not tween. In addition to that, I notice the Free Transform Tool handles accurately encompass the area and rotation that the clip should be located in despite it visually being offset outside those handles.

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            crispe123 Level 1

            Rectified the problem by making a new layer and dragging in the same clip, setting it to the same keyframe values and tweening. Fixed. Geez Flash, such a broken program and it only seems to get worse version after version. So disappointing.