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    How do I get a file path from my Document?




      I encountered a very strange problem with absolute and relative file paths.


      Getting to the point:


      Myfolder ---> MainPage.pdf

      Subfolder---> Project.pdf

      SubsubFolder ---> Search.pdf


      So we have Myfolder with the Mainpage.pdf  , from there I use a bookmark to go the Subfodler and use bookamarks to browse throu the Project.pdf and then I go even deeper when i want to use the search.query to get items from the Search.pdf which is in the Subsubfolder


      So my path looks like:


      Ofc the search type is boolean



      And here's the problem - it does not work on every computer.


      So the question is, how can i get the filepath from MainPage and use it in my search.query to avoid this problem?


      Any suggestions are welcome!