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    Master or production




      Im intresting in using flash for making small games and spritesheets.

      But they have a couple of different versions. Design standard, Design web, Production premium and master collection.

      What´s the different between thes. Im sure i can find it somwhere but im not a really good friend with this website

      it´s a little to much. And by the way i am a student.



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          if you only want adobe flash pro:  http://www.adobe.com/products/flash.html


          if you want a collection of adobe products:  http://www.adobe.com/products/creativesuite.html


          be sure to check student pricing and your desired language.

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            Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you only want to buy Flash Pro, then just focus on that.  The various colections you mentioned are most likely containing a variety of different softwares, like Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and various others depending on which collection it is.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP


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                  sinious Most Valuable Participant

                  I feel the most complete suite for you would depend on the nature of what you want to create. The real major difference is between 2 programs, After Effect and Dreamweaver.


                  If you are deploying to the web I really like Dreamweaver for various reasons. Due to that I'd grab the Design & Web premium. However if you're already good at making websites then using any free web software like Aptana, etc (or notepad, whatever) would change my decision.


                  Production Premium gives you video power. For really high end games I'd expect some of the game to leverage the overall CGI power of After Effects and the quick editing workflows of Premiere.


                  Both suites come with an array of tools you'll need along the way which you won't get if you just purchase Flash alone. You DO get Adobe Media Encoder with Flash Pro so that helps but when you want to start generating your graphics you won't have Illustrator or Photoshop.


                  Pricing the products out separately it's pretty silly not to get a suite. Flash CS6 ($699) and Photoshop Extended ($999) are $1798 combined when Production Premium is $1899 and contains a ton more applications.


                  The cheapest you'll get into the action is finding some free graphics generating software while just getting Flash CS6 (although ask if CS7 will be a free upgrade before you purchase, otherwise wait until it will because it's been in pre-release for a while).


                  Consider the subscription options. It's nice to own something as a one time payment without fear of a financially painful time removing your vital tools because you can't afford to keep paying it but if that's not a problem then subscription pricing can be a bit more advantageous.