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    Image files won't display (jpg)


      I'm evaluating Robohelp X5, I've created a new topic and imported a PDF of a visio org chart. I've then created an image map over a part of the flow chart and linked that to a picture. When I click the view button the link works ok but when the project is compiled and I try it I get an empty box with a red X in it.

      I've done something similar (flowchart) and this seems to work ok so I'm not sure where i'm going wrong.

      Any help would be greatly appriciated.

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          Hi and welcome to the forums.

          The box with red X is the help viewer's way of saying it can't find the image. I suspect that it has something to do with being imported from a .pdf document. What I would do is to open the topic in the True Code viewer and find the image (<IMG> tag), paying careful attention to the path of the image source. Good luck.

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            The problem is caused by your project not 'knowing' about the picture. Robohelp will automatically include all images that are embedded in HTML docs, but if they are only displayed via a link, they do not form part of the files list that is created in the resulting .HHP file.

            A remedy: to resolve this in the past, I've created a 'dummy page' that is not indexed or included in the TOC, and contains embeds of all of these pictures that aren't directly set in the HTML. Make sure it is included with the correct conditional build tags and recompile, you should find that the linked image now shows up in the CHM okay.