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    Symbol's properties......

    Sleepy Lion



      I enjoy Adobe Edge almost every day and I meet an obstacle every time I try to do something.

      And please let me ask about  properties this time.


      I'm trying to get the properties of the symbol and a text field on the stage.

      And I can get the width and the height of them by this script below.



      var temp = "";

      temp += "Width of the symbol  " + sym.getSymbol("mySym").getSymbolElement().width() + "<br />";

      temp += "Height of the symbol " + sym.getSymbol("mySym").getSymbolElement().height() + "<br />";


      temp += "Width of the text   " + sym.$("myTxt").width() + "<br />";

      temp += "Height of the text  " + sym.$("myTxt").height() + "<br />";


      sym.$("OutPut").text(temp);                    //output properties


      And now, how can I get position(x,y)?


      Are there any web sites that shows the list of the properties?

      Because I'd like to know other properties too, like  rotation , opaque , show/hide, etc.