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    How do I keep all of my photos in front of me when using Photoshop

    Stacey Bindman Level 1

      Hello Everyone,


      I'm going to ask questions that may have easy answers, but I'd like to ask them anyway.


      Whenever I open up at least 2 files, and move them around, inevitably 1 or more of them ends up behind the screen.

      I've just found 1 reason for this, but there may be more (I'm not looking for Photoshop problems when I work).


      I also sometimes work with 2-3 programs and/or simultaneously being on the Net.


      My question is this:  Can all of my photos stay in front of the screen even if I most them around?


      Thank you.


      2012-12-15-6-For PS Community.jpg

        If I move my mouse pointer to the top Photoshop Bar, the photos start to hide behind the Photoshop screen.

      2012-12-15-2-For PS Community.jpg

      I only use Consolidate all to Tabs,or Float All in Wondows

      2012-12-15-1-For PS Community.jpg

      A screen-capture illustrating that the photos are in the "Consolidate All to Tabs" mode

      2012-12-15-4-For PS Community.jpg

      1 example of what happens. I've moved the screen to show you the this example

      2012-12-15-3-For PS Community.jpg

      Here is another example.