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    Reliability between video card.


      Recently it seems my video card have been buggy.

      I have a nvidia 240 GT, I even clean all the driver and reinstall them.

      When i open lightroom or photoshop, my open GL or Cl (dont remember) they always crash the first time, sometime in between work it crashed and leaving my monitor blank and i have to hard shut down my computer.

      To some extreme, i took off my OC on my cpu, which didnt help at all.


      Since the problem is on my nvidia card, my question would be if i replace the card with a new 680 gtx or the blasphemous quadro 4k which would be more RELIABLE. Slowness dont matter much, i dont play video games, no 3d, but i work off of premiere and after fx too.


      Alot of time i work with big PSB files, up to 6gb composite with 20k pixels.


      Please help, this is not a good problem for me to work on client images.




      my current comp i7 950, 12gb ram, ssd for os with additional disk for scratch.