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    easy ? for an Easy helpful response

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      New to Photoshop and want to add text to a photo. I want to create a text box that has a masked background( I think it is?) Where the text is laid on a (color of choice) in the text box. Then then the Text is typed on that masked portion on the pic... I know how to do this in Photoscape, and Win7 photo editor, however I cannot find the tool to add white background behind my blue text...F1 unrolls every rabbit hole in Cs6 wich one must know the exact phrase to find it.



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          fr4nk13xx Level 3

          you say you can do this in photoscape and win7 photo editor, can you do it then post up the result so we know exactly what you mean?


          sound like you need to rasterise the text though. we'll await your example

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            I did not want to install more software for an easy question. Here, let me try and explain it simplier.  Using the Text button in photoshop. I want to put text on a photo. I want that text to have background so there is contrast. IE: Using black text against a dark photo is not that clear. So by putting that text onto a white background (not whiting out the whole pic) Just behind the text.

            You know when you start to type text and a box with grab bars appears? Have that same box filled with a solid color and pick a different color text to lay on it.

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              fr4nk13xx Level 3

              you can choose whatever colour  you want when you write the text. you can also have black text say a white stroke around it., even have a clear font and just a white border around the font.


              As you mentioned mask in your initial question, i was assuming you wanted a picture in the font, hence i asked for an example, i assumed,wrongly, you already had the software mentioned installed.


              If you do not select a colour before you type, then as long as you choose all the text you want, then you can change the text colour on the toolbar.


              you also of course have hte option of a drop shadow, doesnt have to be black, its all changable.


              I suspect you were duplicating your text before, then make the copy white? and growing it a little, so you coudl see the white font under the black one? You can do that with stroke on photoshop

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                @ fr4nk13xx,


                That is for outlining text...Which I have yet to figure out the steps to change the outline or stroke of my text. I will give you a crude example below.




                I                                                                         I

                I    This is your text area (less the grab bars)    I



                Now if I want to have that area marked (or background area) marked out as Red

                with my text being yellow? Not the stroke but the area behind it.


                The steps, etc...?

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                  My I's that were to close the box got off kiltered...

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                    fr4nk13xx Level 3

                    ok i think i know what you mean now.


                    over your photo, add a new layer, then you add a shape, rectangle or rounded corner rectangle using the shapes too. It will fill in the foreground colour chosen.


                    then you can add text over that which will go over a new layer.




                    i added a opacity to the rounded rectangle but you do not have to of course, i was just showing you can add one and still see the background slightly

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                      i forget to add, make sure that when you choose the shape tool that you have shape selected, or it wont make a new layer. You can use pixels if you wanted too, but you will need to create a new layer first, or the shape will go onto the photo, and then you will not be able to edit it afterwards and it will destroy your photo.

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                        fr4nk13xx Level 3

                        and one more to show other ideas of what i was trying to say before



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                          Netcommercial Level 1

                          Yes that is it. Now if you would write out the steps it would be appreciated.  Remember I am new, so a little thing to you,  may be  a half hour of me hunting around for the tool.

                          I know New  Layer...

                          Now what?

                          What tool and where is it to create the background?

                          I am guessing it is the Rectangle shape? Which could be under the Oval shape icon on the Left hand side about 1/2 way down...

                          Do you get me on the steps and the area I might find the tool you may be sharing with me?


                          Select New Layer

                          Select Rectangle shape

                          Place Rectangle on new layer...

                          Now what?

                          Thansk for hanging in there with me I appreciate it.



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                            fr4nk13xx Level 3

                            after loading up photoshop you file > open > and load in your photo, or you open photoshop and then simply drag in the photo into the work area.


                            that done you then choose the shapes tool, every tool when hovered over shows you what it is. most tools also have a little arrow on so if you left click and hold a choice appears. Most if not all of the tools look like what you want it to do. the eraser looks like an eraser, the text has a letter T on it, 2 icons down from that is the shapes tool.


                            Choose your rectangle or whatever


                            on the toolbar at the top when you chose a tool, your options change. So if you choose the text tool, then the top toolbar changes to allow you to choose the size of the font , colour etc.


                            after choosing your rectangle the 2nd option on the toolbar says path , shape or pixels


                            the 3rd icon up on the tools is the foreground and background colour.the front icon of the 2 is the foreground    clicking that icon will allow you to change that colour.


                            choose shape and then click and hold the left mouse button on the photo where you want the top left hand corner to be, then hold and drag it down to the right hand bottom corner. It should then fill a shape, whichever you chose , with the colour whichever you chose. but also it will auto create a new layer as you chose shape from the three choices.


                            the next step is now go to the text tool, ( the T icon on the tools ) , the toolbar changes to allow you to change the font , and size and colour.


                            type in your text, the commit it, by pressing return or clicking the arrow that appeared on the toolbar to confirm you want it.


                            and thats it all done. the only thing to do now is move things around where you want it, this is done by selecting the layer you want, so shape layer, or text layer, from the layers pallette, which is that whole bunch of panels on the right.  If you do not see layers then go to the top toolbar where it says file edit image layer etc, and choose window, when it opens make sure layer is ticked.


                            to move stuff and and resize etc, you need to on the move tool, which is the top icon, arrow with plus sign with arrows, again looking like what you need to do.


                            so select hat tool, then go to the layer you want to move, shape layer or the text layer and automatically you will see the transform handles, 9 little square nodes. when you hover over any of them the mouse icon change to show you can stretch it to make it fatter or thinner.


                            if you hover just off and of the corners  of those transform handles the icon will change to a rotate icon allowing you to rotate the shape.

                            i may have slightly over complicated it by giving you more choice and explaining the terms. but all the info you need is in here


                            the final step SAVE

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                              Netcommercial Level 1

                              Thank you for the details and the map to where the tools are. A little over kill on the open AdobePhotshop and drag pic in.. LOL! No kidding...

                              Never the less I am grateful you took the time to show me the necessary steps to create a banner background for my text to lay on. I apprecite it.



                              P.S Funny I can edit video, create flash projects trim music in the Adobe suite. Yet, when it comes to some small steps, I get stumped because of the workflow of their software. Funny. Thanks again