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    Can't access my eBooks from previous computer




      I got a new computer and had to reinstall ADE. I couldn't login to my old Adobe ID account and the password reset didn't work. Unfortunately, I created a new Adobe ID. I used the one email address I have for ages. It did let me create a new Adobe ID under my old email address with a new password. Now I cannot open my old epub eBooks anymore.


      I found the old email where I created my old Adobe ID and it was the same email address I used today for the new account.


      Any ideas for help?


      Many thanks and best regards,



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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          ADE has embedded your old ADE ID in the ebook files that you downloaded

          when you used it.  Because of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 2000,

          ADE won't let a different ID access those ebooks.  So that's how you got to

          this point....


          ADE is flexible to a degree.  It will let you deauthorize under one ID and

          reauthorize under a different one.  So what you can do is deauthorize ADE

          under the new ID using CNTLSHIFTD keys at the same time.  Then, shut down

          ADE.  Bring it up again, and ADE should ask you to authorize the computer.

          Use your old ID and password.  ADE then will be 'connected' to your old

          ebooks.  Once you've gotten them back, then I'd leave the computer's

          authorization set to the old ID.


          Hope this helps!



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            Sandra3490 Level 1





            Many thanks for your reply!




            Unfortunately, I don’t have my old ID and password anymore. And I can’t find it out. My email address has been the same ever since. So I can’t get my password reset as I created a new one under that email address.




            I think the only chance I have is to contact the various online shops where I bought the eBooks. Maybe they generate a new download link for me.




            Thank you anyway,










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