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    Rendering 7 second clip takes 5 hours.


      Hello, I am a noob when I comes to after effects. I am making a intro with some effects(motion blur, ray tracing, optical flare, and enviornmental layer) and it is taking forever. I was wondering if this is normal or I need to change some settings.


      I have a pretty decent computer(i7-3770k@4.2, gtx 670, 16gb ram) so I would think this would go faster but im not sure. also after effects is on an ssd if that matters.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          It's the ray tracing.  Ray Tracing takes forever.  No fooling.  Turn it off and watch how fast rendering goes.


          But if you absolutely, positively must have ray tracing, you have to deal with the long render or you may want to get a new graphics card for your machine that can accelerate ray tracing  A list of the Adobe-approved ones will be found with the system requirements for After effects, right on the Adobe web site.  Sorry, I don't have a link.