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    Relinking lost audio from .m2ts files




      I have a project that I edited using m2ts files. When I reloaded the project after several weeks of inactivity I found the majority of the clips were coming up as "media offline" despite the location of the files not changing. When I attempt to relink the files, the video is fine, but I am told that the clips I am linking to have no audio (not true), so all relevant audio clips in the timeline will be deleted.


      When I re-import the files the files into the project via media browser the audio is present on the files, but now I am unable to relink the offline clips in the timeline with the re-imported .m2ts files with audio in the project bin. When I use "replace with clip" it only does it from the start of the clip, and I cannot manually match frames because I cannot see the timecode information of the so-called "offline" media.


      Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.


      I am using Premiere Pro 6.0 (Creative Cloud) on a 2.7ghz, 8gb iMac, OS X 10.7.3.