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    Reg - How to remind previous view state?

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      I have the following requirement:

      In mobile application, the home view screen has a text input and button controls. Text input will contain a service URL (value provided at run time), on click of the button, the given URL (specified in text box) will be executed using HTTPService component. The resultant value will be bound to a List component. On select of the list item, next view (details view) will be launched with the selectedItem value. The details view has 'Back' button, on press of back button the home view will be launched. On launch of Home view from the details view i need to maintain the previous state (resultant value) as it is. How can i implement this?


      Note: I don't want to allow user to give input and fire a service on each time return back from 'Details view'


      I just tried and can able to pass and return the URL value using 'navigator.poppedViewReturnedObject' but it requires need to fire a HTTPservice again on launch of 'Home view' from 'Details view'. How i overcome this? or am i understood wrongly?


      Can you help me with your knowledge and experince?


      Thanks and Regards,