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    Emailing completed forms


      When a form is successfully completed I would like the entire form emailed to me.


      The current way of  viewing the information submitted is unworkable. The scrolling required to get through the entire form from left to right is a pain.


      I would simply like to have the completed form arrive in my inbox as it appears on the form. Either that be saved int hat fashion and I will download it or cut and paste the info.


      Thank you

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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          We currently cannot send a completed form as a PDF attachment to your in box. You can go to the response tab, right-click a response and save it to PDF.


          You can setup email notifications that include a summary of the response in email body (its not in the original form layout). Options tab -> Notifications


          The detail view in the response tab might also be useful for you - View menu -> Detail View