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    After Effects CS6 and Premiere Pro CS6 Long Startup and Application Hang



      After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5.5 and CS6 are very slow to start all of a sudden.  Around 5 minutes to get to/by the intro dialogue box.  For AE, the majority of the time is spent on the "initializing user interface." Then, if I can make a comp, and even a layer inside that comp, it will "Hang" if I attempt to open AE's General preferences for example (no preferences window ever comes up).  This "hang" is what the Event Viewer in windows calls it, with the faulting module being afterfx.exe.  Premiere is not much different.   It makes it to the new project window fast, but after setting project parameters and creating the first sequence, I can't get into the preferences either and the application hangs.  It is important to note that if I have another application open, like Chrome or Firefox for example at the time the application hangs, they will freeze as well.  As soon as I kill the Afterfx.exe process, they come back to life.


      I have read nearly all threads on the subject, and am struggling to find a solution:

      1. Deleted preferences folder under my username's appdata.
      2. Turned off Firewall (network traffic from dynamiclink, qtserver, etc was allowed, but what the hay)
      3. ran windows system file checker/malwarebytes/rkill/rootkit detection.
      4. checked for windows compatibility checkboxes under the file.
      5. Uninstalled Wacom Tablet drivers
      6. Disabled Aero
      7. Started with ctrl-alt-shift to delete pref.
      8. uninstalled video driver and replaced with one 6 months ago.
      9. uninstalled, reinstalled, and tested various quicktime versions back to version 7.69
      10. moved plugins folder
      11. moved opengl's plugin out of the folder temporarily
      12. Disabled all 3rd party codecs (xvid was the only one installed and for months)
      13. reinitialized default directshow filters
      14. checked for adobe font list (none found) and removed any fonts from 1 month ago to present.
      15. used msconfig to selective startup without other applications/services running.
      16. Uninstalled all adobe products, and reinstalled.


      I performed all of these in a systematic manner, trying to solve the problem.  None have fixed the problem.

      So it doesn't seem to be a network issue, a codec issue, a plugin issue, a driver issue, font issue, or conflicting application.  Any thoughts?


      System Info:

      PC Windows 7 pro 64-bit SP1

      Core i7 - 960 24GB ram

      AMD Radeon 6750  v12.10

      Adobe CS6 Master Collection