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    Multiple Source Monitors


      Hi All,


      Is there a way to preview all the tracks in a sequence? The multi-camera editing tool doesn't really work for this one project I am working on as I don't want to simulate live switching because the edits require more care. I'm basically looking for a way to mimic the multi camera preview layout but by being able to adjust the timeline elements on my own rather than recording live switching. Is this possible? Thank you!

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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          The short answer is no.


          However, there are simple enough workarounds.


          If this is something really important to you, I suppose you could create a very wide sequence, and then create multiple sequences to nest into the first one. Then use the Motion Effect to set up each nested sequence as a picture in picture. As you work, you can drop each clip into it's own sequence and you will have a single monitor panel with multiple video clips playing.


          How many tracks are you looking at? If six or less, it should be OK. More than that and you are really going to need to reconsider this workflow. And I hope you have more than one monitor. If not, you are going to have to get used to using keyboard shortcuts to go back and forth between workspace layouts.


          Before you get too fancy, I want to make sure you know that if you set your project panel to view icons instead of a list, you can simply hover scrub to see what is in each clip. Right? That isn't what you mean, or is it?


          Here is a screen capture of a 4320X2160 custom sequence with six 1440X1080 HDV sequences set up as picture in picture. Of course, if you are using square pixels for 1920X1080 then you would need to set yours up as 5760X2160. I made my copy of Premiere Pro less than full screen (1920X1080) so you might be able to see it a little better.