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    How to select a full clip with keyboard?

    cliffclof Level 1

      I understand I can hit the 'T' key to select the nearest edit point, but how do I select a full clip so that I can copy it and paste it?  Lets say I don't want to use the mouse because it doesn't select the small clip very easy after the new 'dull' cs6 mouse tools were added.



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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is no way to do that with the keyboard.


          Premiere CS6 has a new feature for copy/pasting clips.

          Hover mouse over clip, hold down ALT, click and drag.

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            cliffclof Level 1

            **UPDATE** CC allows a shortcut to be edited called: "Select Clip at Playhead" in keyboard shortcuts.  This allows the CTI to choose the clip it currently touches in the highlighted tracks.



            That is so funny I just, JUST accidentally stumbled on the alt copy 3 minutes ago before I checked this.  I like that because it makes sense.  It took me a couple minutes to realize that now to move linked clips individually you have to alt click then re-click and drag without keyboard modifiers to move a clip without copying.  I like this feature.


            That's a bummer about the no clip selecting with keyboard though.  I think I needed it more for selecting transitions to delete and I'm noticing right now that even when the select tool turns into the (trim tool?) when mousing over a transition the transition still becomes selected when clicking anywhere on it.  That's not bad.


            Love/Hate with the changes until I get used to them.  now my biggest annoyance is the snap and cursor fattiness.  But my biggest love is the continuous edit/cut-while-playback feature using Quadro card.