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    Component question

    Level 7
      You know when you put audio cd in your stereo, and when you're on a, lets
      say, first track, and you choose to skip to the 15th track... the player
      instantly forwards it.

      Now, i have an external flv video file, and when i forward it via buttons in
      flash with myMedia.play(xyz) action where xyz is some time moment, it is SO
      SLOW in forwarding it to the selected time moment!!!! I mean, video is 15
      min long and when i forward it using described action placed on buttons
      (which are like chapter selection) it passees 2 min until its reached to the
      almost end of the flv.

      And i've noticed that when you forward it once to a certain time moment in
      it's video timeline, all the video material before that moment is buffered?
      So, Flash is buffering THE WHOLE video just to get to that one selected
      point??? Is there any way to override this?

      I mean, is there a way to quickly (without any buffering the whole video)
      foward/rewind the video file?